Sunday, 22 July 2012

Despair is own creation !

There is really nothing to be done to be happy or joyous. If u stop creating misery, you are naturally happy or joyous. Being joyous is not something u do, it is your natural state of being. But u create misery through your thoughts, emotions and other aspects of u being out of control.

                   There r many ways to see how one can come out of the present patterns of creating suffering. Suppose today u r not peaceful. The first thing u might do, could be a quarrel with your spouse, or your mother or father... the next thing may be your yelling at your neighbor. Then u will realize it’s time to go to the doctor, he will give u a pill. This pill is made up of chemicals.

                 You put these chemicals into your body, your body and mind become peaceful. So one way of understanding this is, what u call as peace has a certain kind of chemical background to it.

                 Similarly what u call misery, fear, anxiety, everything has a certain chemical basis. as there is  a science for external wellbeing, there is a whole science as to how to create ur inner chemistry. yoga has many methods through which u can create the right kind of chemistry where being peaceful and joyous comes naturally to u.

                 Human beings have been creating suffering, misery, fear and insecurities unconsciously. y r we creating them and how to leave them behind ? We do not have to leave our fears and insecurities because they do not exist. The fundamental reason y fear has arisen in u is coz u r a little human being and u do not know the beginning or the end of this vast creation.

                As long as u r identified with the physical body, as long as ur experience of life is limited to ur physical and mental faculties, fear and insecurity r inevitable. Only when a person begins experiencing life beyond his limitations, only then he can be truly free of any sense of insecurity or fear.

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  1. Gurleen i completely agree with the fact that, we ourselves have the answer of every question and problem, however what is happiness according to you, is it just mere secretion of serotonin ????