Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Spectacle of Love.....

Recently, the near by park in sector 35 where i stay witnessed a strange spectacle. A baby monkey, strayed from his family, came hoping from nowhere. Scared of chasing dogs, the monkey used to climb up a tree. This went on for a few days until the dogs left their pursuit in sheer frustration.

One of the dogs, however, kept up his pursuit  he was seen looking "passively", with his tail wagging (a sign of love) towards the monkey sitting on the tree. i was there constant and keen observer. The dog with his proverbial smelling power smelt and realized that the monkey was in dire need of love and had made this park his very abode.

The dog realized his "aura" (force of love) towards the baby monkey on the tree. It caught the forceful "aura", came down the tree and sat beside the dog. It was a moment of revelation. Their comradeship began like between two humans. one day, I saw the monkey scratching the back of the dog and then the dog taking his turn. and they were always seen playing and frolicking.

The dog, used to his life with the baby monkey, would wait eagerly in the morning for the monkey to appear. And they had a good time for a quite a long time. then one day came the anticlimax. The monkey suddenly disappeared. The dog waited anxiously but all in vain. He became depressed and crestfallen.

One day, as I was walking in the park, I saw the dog lying in a pit near the pathway with closed eyes. As I passed near him he sensed my presence and hardly opened his eyes and said to me, as if, with the meek and half opened eyes, "You very well know how much I loved the baby monkey. I wish him good luck wherever he is. Yet, I want him to come back and sit on my back and scratch it softly or even harshly, as he used to do earlier.

The dog comes to our home quite often. And I try to share his sadness by means that I know. But now, I miss the dog............For I do not see him any more. 


  1. Very good read, do observe more there.

  2. People don't write observations a lot. Deductions out of observations can be intriguing as it shows the sensitivity of the observer. The same occurrence would have be differently described by a relatively less sensitive person. Be in touch with surroundings. :)