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Ask any adventure enthusiast, avid traveler or a backpacker to list some of their most fun filled adventures and odds are that you will have more than a few of them whose cruises will have had stops in Bankok, Pattaya! From the electrifying streets of Bankok, to the fancy riches of Madame Tussads and the natural beauty that engulfs Thailand's national parks and beaches, Thailand is the dream destination for anyone in pursuit to get off the beaten path. But before you re charge your camera which is lying in the cupboard or dust off the backpack that has been hiding in your store room, here are a few tips to abide by to make sure your experience in Thailand is one for the ages.

Jelly Fish at the Sea Shore at Jomtien Beach, Pattaya

Jomtein Beach, Pattaya

Jomtein Beach again

Pursuit of Happpyyyyness, Madame Tussads, Bankok

An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind - Mahatma Gandhi, Madame Tussads, Bankok

Though not bad, but this could be really better!

Katy Perry

Princess Diana
Walking Street, Guys you must go there single (If you know what I mean!)

Walking Street, Pattaya


Over packing for a trip is a horrible idea, but that especially holds true when visiting Thailand. Odds are that when you are visiting Thailand you are going to be very sweaty. You are not bundling up for Alaskan adventure and the last thing you wanna do is carry a heavy backpack in the scorching heat. In addition to that, you want to save some room in that backpack for all the clothes you are gonna buy from Bankok and trust me, you will be buying a looot of em!


Another wise idea if you are traveling with friends or meeting anyone while you are there is to get a Thai SIM card for your cell phone. SIM cards and refill credit are very cheap there, and you can find them in most 7/11’s all over the country. Also if you are like me and use your smart phone to connect to the web a lot. Most places have Free Wi-Fi.


At a small dingy restaurant at Sukhamvit, Soi 18, At On Nut Station

BBQ Pork at On Nut Night Market

At a small dingy restaurant at Sukhamvit, Soi 18, At On Nut Station

At a small dingy restaurant at Sukhamvit, Soi 18, At On Nut Station

At a small dingy restaurant at Sukhamvit, Soi 18, At On Nut Station

TFC (Thai Fried Chicken) at On Nut

Fries with Beef Keema at On Nut

On Nut Night Market

Of course the street food in Thailand (and Bangkok especially) is another story. In fact your best meals are likely to come from your local street vendor so make sure to stop by or you will end up having missed out on some of the best meals you will ever have. I had the best food while I was in Thailand and the cost of food is unbelievable! For a meal on the street consisting of rice, vegetables, and a little meat on a single plate, the price should be anywhere from 40 - 70 THB. Big entire meals of street food with a selection of dishes and maybe an entire fish: 100 – 200 THB per person. 1.5 L bottle of water is 13-15 THB.
PS: Try "Tiger" or "Singha" beer.


Inside Bankok Tree House

On way to Bankok Tree House in the Ferry

Hired bikes to go to Bankok Tree House

Inside Bankok Tree House

Singha Beer

The tastiest Water Melon Salad I have ever had! 

Visit Bangkok Tree House on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, just beyond Bangkok’s city limit. It is an amazing property, situated across the river from the main part of the city with greenery all around; a very serene location. Enjoy the walkways on the island and wander around aimlessly on all the paths. Getting there is a hassle but not that difficult. Just alight at Bang Na BTS, grab a taxi to Bang Na Pier from exit 2. From there either take the slow 4 baht ferry or ring up the hotel for a free speedboat ride to the hotel.

Last but not the least, have fun!

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